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Women'S Zipper Strap Round Toe Short Boots

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Women'S Zipper Strap Round Toe Short Boots 

The  Boot is built like a Ranger with the style of classic Military footwear. Featuring an 8" boot height, it boasts exceptional ankle support and structure. The upper is designed to sit well under any trousers, allowing the boots to be worn with a wide array of clothing. 

  • Thick USA-tanned Brown Chromexcel Leather
  • HNW Moderate Arch
  • Each boot built from the same hide
  • Mini Vibram® sole (430) and #3 Toe
  • No Pull Loop - Sits under casual pants better
  • 8'' height
  • Rebuildable and Resolable
  • Handmade in the USA

The boots is made from a 100% ultra-soft calfskin leather minimally finished for a subtle waxy feel. It’s lined with bovine for immediate and lasting comfort fresh out of the box. The Jackson stands on a stacked leather heel with a rubber end cap.

Polish every pair of boots carefully

Control the quality of every pair of boots

Heat dissipation for comfortable without bulk. Shaped for a flattering fit


Shock absorption
Provide balance and support
Relieve or prevent pain
Create a good foundation


We guarantee delivery within 24 hours, home delivery within 7-10 working days, you can put new shoes on weekend.


  • 1pc X Women'S Zipper Strap Round Toe Short Boots